Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Android N 5 Cool New features

5 new cool Features of Android N

Google recently launched Android N which still isnt named But has lots of cool features. So here are the top 5 some cool new features.Lets see them in detail.

Virtual Reality:
VR is the biggest feature of N.  Google will be launching Daydream an entire new Android-powered platform that helps  its Cardboard initiative. You’ll need a phone with the right kind of display and sensors, work with a new VR mode in Android that is Daydream-certified.

Top Performance:
Google claims performance increases in various for every version of Android. N is added with a new graphics API called Vulkan. This api will help deliver more efficient visual performance on phones and tablets.N also has a new JIT compiler, which  will improve battery life.

You can multi task on Android N even without updating the existing apps.
Just double tap the screen and you can switch between apps.Google calls it Quick Switch

Google completely revamped notifications on Android N. They made them good looking with more functionalities. Long press and chose to disable the notification there itself. Also above notifications we can add 5 customizable most used buttons

New Keyboard Themes:
Not the biggest feature but its cool to have more keyboard themes for the stock Google keyboard. You can choose from tons of themes various colours, add or remove the borders between keys, and even set a photo as a backdrop. Isn't that great

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